First Vote

The Project 

First Vote (working title) is currently in development.  We are seeking development and production funds to help complete the film.  Donations are tax-exempt through our fiscal sponsor Southern Documentary Fund.  The Southern Documentary Fund is a nonprofit arts organization that cultivates documentary projects made in or about the American South. 

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The Story 

The film explores the political awakening of a new generation of Chinese immigrants, now the largest single group of arrivals into the United States. Through the stories of first time voters in the South and Midwest, the film intimately follows them as they navigate the unfamiliar world of electoral democracy and find their political voices in unexpected ways. 

The Issues

Asian Americans, a diverse and fastest growing populations among voters, remain mostly invisible in the American political debate.  As the nation’s political divide deepens, we believe the urgency to pay more attention to this increasingly important voting bloc by examining the way they vote and ask important questions in order to understand how they come to hold their views. 

The film serves as a catalyst for understanding minority and immigrant voters in battleground states, where they are growing fastest and their potential influence is greatest.  The film is appropriate for teaching subject areas including race & ethnicity, immigration, education, and Asian American Studies. 


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